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Middle Bridge Partners starts, invests in
and builds companies together with entrepreneurs to make the new dreams real...

For those that have access to it, technology and the internet have caused the world to become a smaller and faster place.  The earth still moves around the sun at the same speed it always has, but humans are now able to do much more with their time. Innovations in the fields of engineering, technology, communication and infrastructure allow the human race to be more connected than ever before.


Middle Bridge Partners has a vision for a world that is connected. We believe that investing in new ideas is investing in the future.


We do not limit our interest in certain industries but our portfolio companies always have some characters in common: innovation, a big vision, exceptionally talented and hard working teams, and desire to make a change. A change to make our universe a better place.   


We have a background of enterprise management and cross-border M&A transactions in mega deals and we always keep this experience available to our portfolio companies all of which are getting ready to become the large enterprises of near future. We believe in the team work and we see ourselves as part of the teams of our companies to make them greater. Thus, our network, experience and know-how are always made available to our portfolio.


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