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TransitScreen is the pioneer in multimodal transportation displays, providing a web application featuring custom, live, real-time dashboards of all transportation options at a location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). 


Kash is a mobile payment company that gets rid of credit cards and middle-men that stand between bank accounts and retailers. Kash uses SecureDebit technology, a direct bank payment method that avoids the credit cards. is a private community for women-only. It gender-verifies via Facebook connect to ensure it's just women. In other words is the new home for women.  Women discuss careers, relationships, parenting, products, and more. 


WalkSource is an innovative new way for hoteliers to run sales and reservations more efficiently and generate more revenue. Its tools empower revenue and sales teams to have more sellout nights by eliminating the challenges associated with predicting yield.

Fixed is an app for people to easily dispute parking tickets. The bigger vision for Fixed is to use software to solve simple consumer legal issues such as speeding tickets, credit card overcharges, comcast overcharges etc and become the de facto place for a user to have their wrongs righted.


Contactually is a relationship marketing platform that helps companies and individuals keep and generate business from their network. People across industries and across the world use Contactually to make themselves more productive and to maximize their relationship ROI.



Speek uses a personal or business link (i.e., instead of a phone number and PIN for conference calls. Participants click the Speek link to start or join a call from their phone, web or mobile browser. You can see who’s joined, who’s talking, share files, use call controls and more.

ArmorText is an enterprise-class secure messaging platform that includes security and audit control features. ArmorText’s proprietary technology provides device-specific message encryption and allows individuals, business teams, and multi-enterprise groups to share information securely.


For everyone who enjoys social events, nvite is an interactive experience for planning, attending and engaging with these activities. Unlike traditional online invitation and registration services, nvite provides a combination of simplistic and socially intuitive mechanisms for increased engagement prior, during and after an event for the symbiotic benefit of both the organizer and the attendees.


Pyze provides marketing Intelligence for Mobile App Publishers.

The company has pioneered a new approach of “intelligent push analytics” to help iOS and Android mobile app publishers maximize user engagement, retention and monetization, by empowering teams to make highly confident decisions.

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